How I pose couple and my editing style.

January 18th, 2024

I figure it will be best if I can answer some questions people ask me all the time. So here we go!

What's your editing style?


My photo editing journey is a crazy rollarcoaster. I went from starting dark and moody to a bright and airy look that leans towards a warmer tone across the image. But I have now settled into a true-to-life with a pop of color editing style.


My photography journey started as a photojournalist, shooting sports and events for a local newspaper. Working for a newspaper, I had to deliver an unedited, photoshop-free image with a fast turnover rate, so photos had to be ready to be delivered on camera. These days, I get a lot of my inspiration from photojournalism, especially wedding photojournalists. The way they incorporate everything from the background all the way to how they use light and color is what I strive to deliver for my couples.


To put it in a few words, it will be Naturally Bold and Timeless.


How do I pose a couple?


So it's funny to explain this because when I'm doing headshot photography for my corporate clients, I do a lot of coaching and direction when it comes to the classic white background headshot.


For weddings, however, I would say it's 20% of the time, I'm doing my posing and coaching, and 80%, it's my version of photojournalistic. Most of the time I'm trying to find and capture creative candids, but if we have time to do some portraits, I will get my couple to act out photo prompts or use my favorite line, "Stand there, look at each other, and smile." That's what I did for this photo.


Again to put it in a few words, 20% posed, 80% photojournalistic. I'm also a man of few words, so I also embrace laughter after a long pause of awkward silence