Answering 10 commonly asked questions when looking for a wedding photographer

January 21st, 2024

Finding a wedding photographer can be an overwhelming task. You post an "ISO" post on a wedding directory Facebook Group, and you can get a bunch of comments in less than five minutes.


I want to help you capture and create timeless memories you can reflect on many years after your wedding.


That being said, here are a few commonly asked questions...answered.

Are you available for my wedding?

My website directs you to a booking page with all my photography wedding packages. When you click on a wedding package, a calendar shows all my availability. So, when you request to book or photograph a picture, you will immediately know if I'm available.


Also, I'm available on most weekends, including holiday weekends. Fridays and weekdays are available on my calendar, but they have limited availability. If you're curious about a weekday wedding, please ask me for your booking with me at least six months in advance. That is also the same for destination weddings.



How long have you been shooting weddings?

I've been shooting weddings for about 2.5-3 years now. I started as a second shooter for multiple wedding photographers, who helped me understand the structure and timeline of wedding photography, whether it's a traditional wedding, a wedding involving multiple locations, or a cultural multi-day wedding.


Here is a little fun fact about me: I was primarily a commercial/business event and headshot photographer before wedding photography. I was shooting for large events with over 15,000 attendees, political and public key figures, and large non-profit organizations.


Wedding experience 2.5-3 years now. Overall professional photography experience, over eight years.



Will you be the one shooting my wedding?

99.99% of the time, I will be the photographer shooting your wedding. That 0.01% chance is if I'm super sick or an event happens, I can't be there anymore. But you can always count on me as the wedding photographer you book and hire to capture your day!



Will you have any assistants on our wedding day?

It depends on the package or if you add on a second shooter. I never charge extra for a photo assistant, but second shooters are always an add-on or part of your package. Second shooters are working with me to capture different angles and being two places in one if we are on a tight timeline. So, it never hurts to add on a second shooter or pick a package that includes a second shooter.



How many other weddings will you photograph that weekend?

For 2024, I'm photographing one wedding per weekend. This number varies year after year.



Can we see full galleries of a few recent weddings?

The answer will always be yes. On my website, I usually have a featured gallery that you can look at and review. However, you can always request to look at another gallery.


One thing to note. Before taking on wedding photography clients, I was second-shooting for other photographers. Therefore, many wedding galleries will miss photos like details, flatlays, getting ready, bride and bridesmaids, sunset photos, etc. I usually capture the groom and groomsman, cocktail hour, different angles during portrait sessions, and wedding party photos. However, when I'm hired to be a second photographer, I'm also prepared to take over as a lead photographer if the lead photographer is running late, has a car broken down, or caught COVID-19 or the flu.



Do you often shoot weddings that have a similar size and style to the one we are planning?

The short answer is yes. I was a second/third shooter for many wedding photographers when I started shooting weddings. Some luxury photographers required me to sign an NDA about their clients and locations. Some are luxury South Asian weddings with over 500 guests, exclusive venues like the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD, and Perona Farms in New Jersey, all the way to weddings with a guest count of under 50 in a hotel conference room.


I treat every wedding with the same passion and dedication, no matter the type of wedding. Here is a little fun fact about me: I was primarily a commercial/business event and headshot photographer before wedding photography. I was shooting for large events with over 15,000 attendees, political and public figures, and large non-profit organizations.



Have you shot a wedding at our ceremony and reception venues? If not, do you plan to check the venues out in advance?

Being a wedding photographer for a few years, I learned there are many ceremony and reception venues, so chances are I haven't shot a wedding at your venue...yet.

However, I usually research the venue and arrive early at the venue for a quick walkthrough to find the best photo spots. I also gather "intel" from other vendors that have worked there to identify the best place to shoot.

If the venue allows me to do a visit/tour before your wedding, I will always go out and check it out!



Have you worked with a planner or videographer?

Yes, I have worked with other planners and videographers in the past. I also offer video in my packages, so if you are interested in a photo and video package, feel free to email me or fill out a contact form to learn more.



How would you describe your photography style?

I recently wrote a quick blog about my posing and editing style that you can read more in-depth. In short, my photography shooting style is a mix of creative photojournalistic and traditional and edited photos that are more true to life with a pop of color. A few examples can be found below.



Do you shoot film?

No...not yet. I might bring a film camera, but most of the time, I'm using digital cameras.


Whether you are starting your search or in the deep end trying to find a wedding photographer, I hope this helps you understand what to ask before you book your photographer. You can always email or DM on Facebook or Instagram, @worndenlyweddings, if you have any more questions about finding a wedding photographer.